You’ve all heard of the iPhone and Blackberry, but are you as familiar with the Blackphone?

In 2012  Ex-Navy SEAL Mike Janke had an idea to create a secure communications network called Silent Circle. Since then Silent Circle has matured into the world’s most trusted solution for mobile privacy serving individuals, businesses, and governments. Available as downloadable apps for iPhone and Andriod, the founders took this concept even further by developing their own phone hardware  built to run on their fully secure data network.

The result of this is security evolution is Blackphone. A joint effort between Silent Circle and Geeksphone they managed to pair the best-of-breed hardware with PrivatOS, an Android™ based operating system without typical security compromises. Available as an unlocked phone pre-installed with security applications to keep your conversations and text messages secure, private, and deletable (utilizing a “burn notice” feature) the Blackphone is compatible with any GSM mobile carrier at a cost ($629) less than an unlocked iPhone.

Trusted by government and law enforcement agencies, Silent Circle apps and the Blackphone are worth a look if you deal in sensitive communications that must remain secure.