Interesting word – Rework.
Rework what?  Is this a mandate to redo everything you have done before?

No, Rework is the title of a book by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37signals (recently renamed Basecamp).

Rework by Jasn Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
Rework by Fried & Hansson

Rework provides you with guidance and tips for easier, and faster, ways to succeed in business – in particular when it comes to web start-ups and software development.  Forget about writing business plans and seeking investors to fund your latest idea.  Rework not only does away with those notions but explains why this type of approach often fails.

The biggest take away from Rework is simplification.  Build your site, application or business and get it out there.  Ignore the naysayers.  Ignore those who say your product needs 100 features to be useful. Ignore the notion that you need to raise funds to launch.  Simply and quickly go live.  Let your competitors try to out feature-set you.  Let your competitors rent expensive offices and hire lots of expensive staff members. You can compete on a shoestring by delivering the bare necessities. Ignore customers who demand you add more features. Let them move onto another company.

Rework is all about quickly building and launching a product or business to quickly determine demand.  If it does not stick, little time and effort and energy were spent. If it succeeds?  That’s an excellent problem to have!

Read Rework to learn why everything you’ve been taught about business is outdated.


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