Howdy. I’m an entrepreneur and startup founder. I’m the founder of Strategictek, a digital web agency that specializes in WordPress & SEO. I’m the cofounder of SEO Turbo Booster, a SaaS service for digital marketing agencies that automates the creation of organic SEO funnels. I’m also the Business Development Manager for 2am Tech, responsible for developing client relationships with amazing companies seeking development and consulting services along with staff augmentation.

I’m a South Florida-based technology consultant & web developer with experience working with start-up web businesses as well as enterprise-level companies.

tekcraig avatarI’m the founder of Strategictek, LLC a web development firm based in Boca Raton, Florida.  Strategictek is an SEO, Digital Marketing & Web Agency that works with clients of all sizes across many industries. Strategictek is proud to work with many excellent clients including AIG and PBS. If you’re in need of web development, WordPress, SEO, social media marketing or app development services, please contact us.

My expertise includes project management, website development, and application development in PHP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion. Expert builders of websites using WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Orchard and other popular content management systems (CMS).

Over the span of my career I’ve had the opportunity to work for a number of great enterprise companies including IBM Boca Raton and Citrix (back when the company was located in the upside down pyramid in Coral Springs).

As project manager for Merit Mile (interactive PR agency in Boca Raton) and Forte Interactive (web agency in West Palm Beach) was involved in planning, managing and delivering various web and interactive projects for a number of clients including Parallels, Microsoft, and Black Book.

Some of the start-up businesses I’ve recently been associated with include Connect Address (e-commerce extension that enables gift giving even if you don’t know someone’s delivery address);  Caddy Drone (mobile app allows golfers to playback videos of golf courses filmed using drones to give golfers a bird’s eye view of the holes they’re playing); Florida Coast Coffee (great coffee roasted and sold locally).

As a fan of startups, and an entrepreneur, it’s been great to actively grow the local South Florida startup community by hosting StartupPOP pitch events. My partners and I have recently created a new SEO platform “SEO Turbo Booster” that we’re currently actively deploying on client sites as well as providing our SEO platform to other marketing and web agencies. 

I’m also an avid photographer and have had my work published in print magazines and featured on various commercial, fashion, and e-commerce websites.

When I’m not working (which takes up about 90% of my time) I’m attending startup boot camps such as Startup Bootkamp, I’m often busy kicking off another startup with partners or solo (I’m currently working on a new one in the photography / social space).

In my free time  I enjoy nature and the ocean and related activities. I also have traveled extensively around the globe and enjoy photography including shooting travel and automotive pics.