Design in Blue


Black, white and silver. Sit at any red light or look out the window of your favorite coffee shop and you’ll notice that the vast majority of vehicles that drive by are either painted in black, white or silver.

Gone are the days of “you can have it in any color you want as long is it’s black”, but car buyers still tend to purchase the same colors time and time again.

To buck this trend auto manufacturers now offer a rainbow of paint options despite the general public’s continued purchase of black, white or silver (grey) vehicles.

One color in particular that is available from several auto builders is a very unique and eye catching shade of blue. Know as Marina Blue by BMW, Riviera Blue by Audi, Grabber Blue by Ford, B5 Blue by Dodge, Hyper Blue by Chevrolet, Blue Cepheus by Lamborghini by the different manufactures, this particular family of blue looks expecially attractive on sports cars.

Marina Blue BMW M3

Grabber Blue Ford Mustang

Riviera Blue Audi R8

Hyper Blue Chevy Camaro

B5 Blue Dodge Charger

Blue Cepheus Lamborghini Spyder

I for one welcome this bold and headline capturing hue of blue as it offers a unique and personalized color that sets sports cars apart from the sea of black, white and silver sedans driving all across our highways and biways.

Now I just have to decide which vehicle I’d like to own next – in an eye catching shade of blue of course.

Happy motoring!