Master Instagram In Three Easy Steps


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Heavily focused on photos and videos this image content platform has an excellent user interface / user design that even novices can quickly begin using and sharing visually.

People too often forget about the "social" component of Social Media. - TekCraig

What’s not so easy for new comers to figure out is how to grow their network and attract more followers. This process does not have to be intimidating and can be broken down into the following steps…

  1. Post Content Your Audience Wants
    If you’re know for a particular topic (surfing, cooking, painting, etc.) post content that relates to your field of study or career. Throwing in a random photo of your old shoes in between photos of street graffiti might throw off the visual balance of your Instagram feed. Be safe to not post too many random, non-related photos as people are quick to unfollow when they don’t see what they expect from you.
  2. Don’t Follow / Unfollow
    Too many people are using the tactic (and using bots) that basically follow a bunch of profiles, and if they in turn don’t follow them back they simply unfollow you. It’s a cat vs mouse game that’s silly yet effective. I’ve witnessed people get their follower counts up into the thousands by deploying this technique. That’s fine if your just out for the count and care less about who you’re connected to, but for professionals that truly want to build a solid connection with their followers, this is not a technique I’d recommend. 
  3. Engage
    Unless you’re a known celebrity simply pushing up a photo or video and not really engaging with your followers isn’t a good policy. People too often forget about the “social” component of Social Media. It’s meant to be a platform where like minded people and connect and follow each other and share comments, feedback and opinions. Part of getting people to care (and press like) about your posts is to also care about their posts and share your feedback.

Instagram, and all of social media, requires some real work and effort on your part if you truly want to catapult yourself into the brand status. You need to share content, and feedback, with your followers and engage on a personal level as often as you can. The human element is what truly makes social media magic.